The location of AIP Spanish Language school is perfect! Situated in the middle of the upcomming neighbourhood Benimaclet and only 10 minutes away from the beach and city centre by public transportation.
The location of Valencia is amazing! Valencia is situated in the centre of the east coast of Spain and is one of the best places to learn Spanish in Spain. It is a cosmopolitan, open city with a population of about one million, making it the third largest city after Madrid and Barcelona.
the tower Serrano in valencia
The city of Valencia has one of Europe’s largest intact historic centers and is enriched with countless gardens (the Turia old riverbed now transformed into a 9 km long garden), marvelous beaches (thanks to Mediterranean mild climate you can enjoy them 9 months a year) and a world famous cuisine (Valencian specialities: paella valenciana and horchata).

AIP Spanish language school in Valencia

Valencia is a historic, modern and welcoming city with an academic environment (over 80 000 students) making it an ideal place to study Spanish. It is therefore famous for its relaxed and outgoing character of its people. Furthermore, Valencia also has celebrations and cultural activities throughout the year (for example Las Fallas). Since the 90s, the city has acquired an additional international role thanks to important cultural events such as the construction of the City of Arts and Sciences, the Bioparc, the America’s Cup (the world’s largest sailing competition held in Valencia in 2007 and 2010) and the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which was celebrated until 2012 in a spectacular street circuit that runs along the port. The curious thing about Valencia is that even if you walk along a busy street, you can turn around the corner and find a quiet place where two old men sit playing cards while sipping their afternoon coffee. Valencia, a typical Mediterranean city to learn Spanish in a relaxed and efficient way!


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