Valencia is a modern and exciting city but nevertheless it keeps its historical touch. It is an architectural melting pot, a witness to the cultural mix that shows how this city has always remained open to influences from new cultures. Thats why it is the best place to take Spanish lessons in Valencia.
Valencia is the 3rd largest city of Spain and it is only 350 km. away from the two main cities in Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, with very easy connection by train, bus or plane.
Site of the 2007 and 2010 America’s Cup yachting race and Formula 1 urban race until 2012, Valencia is a vibrant city with a very large university community and great nigthlife.
Valencia has more than 2000 years of history reflected in one of Europe’s largest historic centres. You have available also countless gardens ,marvellous beaches and a world famous cuisine.
On the Spanish Mediterranean coast, Valencia has one of the best climates in Spain (an annual average temperature above 15°C) where you can enjoy the beach all year around.
It is the most popular destination in Europe among ERASMUS students (together with Granada). It is a historic and festive city with a university life that makes it an ideal place to study Spanish.

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